1.  Why did Zacchaeus

climb a Sycamore


2.  What did Jesus say when he saw  Zaccheus?

4..What did the Prodigal Son do wrong?

3.  Which man was justified in the sight of God, the Publican

or the


5. What did the older brother of the Prodigal Son do wrong?

6 What did the Father do when his son returned to him?.. .  

8.  Why were the Goats sent away to eternal punishment?

7  Why did the Sheep get to go to the banquet? 

He had holy ambition! 

He was short, and wanted

a better view of Jesus,

so he made the climb!

”Come down!  I will dine at your house today!”

He squandered his inheritance by reckless living.

 The Publican! 

He wasn’t boastful, but had the proper humility before God.

He refused to rejoice at his brother’s return home.

He forgave his son and rejoiced.  He ran to meet him, hugged his son, and threw a big party!

They neglected to do good things for others.

They had done good things for others.



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To my children, who sometimes feel so alone in their faith...
             There may be no other young people in our parish; there may be no other young people 

                        in our eparchy; there may be no other young people in all of Eastern Christianity; 

                                  but there is you.  

                                                  YOU are the ones who must 

                                now become the guardians of the faith. 

                           YOU must be careful to keep the love of

                            Christ  burning in your own hearts and in

                                the hearts of your children so that our                                       unique expression of love for God can

                                     continue upon the face of the earth. 

                                           God created YOU for this time

                                                 in history.  YOU can not fail.


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