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resources for the building up the byzantine family

...with Lynne Wardach

Glory to Jesus Christ! 



Let me begin by telling you that for years now I've wanted to create an online meeting place where Byzantine moms could gather to:

     *collect our thoughts

     *support each other

     *pray for and with each other

     *share our craft and activity ideas

     *collect lesson plans

     *come up with recipe ideas for our feasts and fasts 


...and not have to tweak or tailor them to better fit our traditional Eastern Christian point of view.  

This is it!  Welcome to ByziMom!


This is our site!  Here you'll find my collection of ideas to bring Christ into your domestic church daily, all from a Byzantine perspective.


I'm truly happy to share all the beautiful moments of my life as a Byzantine homeschool mom with you, and I hope you"ll all feel free to share your own trials and triumphs here with us as well.


Take a look around.  Check in and become a member of the group so we can get to know each other better! 

Make yourself at home! 


*I'm the original ByziMom


*married to Paul and mom of five

                                     (the original ByziKids!)

*voted "most creative" in her high school class...

                                              for a reason.  :)

*Whole-foods, plant-based, no-oil vegan home chef...

                     or perpetual faster...

                     whichever way you want to look at it.


*from northeast Pennsylvania:

           coal miner's granddaughter, cantor's daughter


*Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic, all my life


*former catechist, and homeschool Byzimom


* Coordinator for the Myrrhbearing Lay Sisters of St. John the Beloved at Holy Annunciation Ruthenian Byzantine (women's) Monastery in Sugarloaf, PA. 


*Fierce prayer chotki

                                    and know how to use "em! 


 *Author of The Jesse Tree,

                The Zacchaeus Tree,

             & The ByziMom's Guide to Great Fast Meals..check them out!

*Creator and Executive Editor of ByziKids Magazine 

and The Dwelling Place 

*Director of the Office of Eastern Christian Formation for the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic

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