Here are some craft ideas, recipes, and activities that will help you bring the liturgical calendar to life for your byzikids.

Brought to you by:

        Lynne Wardach,

                          Chief ByziMom

                     ByziMom Contributors:   


                                              Julie Luckey

                                         Lillian Baron

                                     Carrie Chuff

                             Kateryna Shymoniak

                        Judie Jolma

                 Sylvia Dorham

            & Kim Bombak


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ByziKids Theater Presents:
Plays YOU can perform!
brought to you by: Mrs. Sylvia Dorham
This Month's Performance:

The Prodigal Son

Choir Practice
March Features:

   The Final Battle: 

       Ephesians 6



             Creation Song

                Sung by the Candy Cat Academy Singers:

                          Jerome, Susanna, and Sylvia Dorham.

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Here it is!

The ByziKids Magazine

a monthly publication brought to you by

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Features include:

*  Saint biographies and stories just for kids

* Puzzles, games, and coloring pages

* Recipes and crafts

* Ideas to commemorate the saints and holy days

* Extra lesson plans for you to do at home!

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***ByziKids Magazine:  September 2019 Issue*******************************************

***ByziKids Magazine: Septembe2020/Faithfulness Issue************

September 2019 ByziKids PrintableCalendar 
12 Holy Feasts Song:  
September Saints
Crossword & Answer
September 1: Happy Liturgical New Year! 

September 2:  St. Mamas's Vanillla Milk
     St.Mamas Cheese-making Activity

September 5St.Zacchariah Peanut Butter Treats Recipe

September 7:  St. Sozon Silver Treasure Packet Recipe 

September 8:  Happy Birthday Theotokos! Learning About the Angelic Salutation
Nativity of the Theotokos Play

September 14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross Macaroni Craft

   Elevation of the Cross Coloring Page

  Discovery of the Cross Play

September 19:  St Zosimas Lion Cupcakes
September 25:  History of the Trisagion Hymn

September 26:  St. John the Theologian Eagle Snacks

***ByziKids Magazine:  October 2019 Issue****

***ByziKids October 2020/Musical Issue***

7 Ecumenical Councils


October 1:  History of the Feast of Pokrov
                 Protection Coloring Page
                  I Spy :  Pokrov Icon

October 6 St. Thomas the Apostle

              St Thomas's Samosas Recipe

October 16:  St. Longinus Side Dish Recipe

October 17:  St. Lazarus Party Planner

October 22:  2nd Falling Asleep of the 7 Youths of Ephesus:  Pot Pies Recipe
October 31:   Latin Observance of All Hallows Eve...see our All Saints Day Party Planner!

          Zombies and Skeletons Coloring Page


**Byzikids Nov 2019 Issue**

**ByziKids Nov 2020 Issue***

November 1:

Feast of Venerable Andrej Sheptytski

        Ven. Andrej Sheptytski Coloring Page
November 8:  Synaxis of the Archangel Michael and All the Bodiless Powers
St. Michael Coloring Page
        Test Your Angel IQ:  Q & A 

        Craft:  Make a Natural Angel

November 14:  Feast of St Philip

          Recipe:  St. Philip's Snakes

          Activity:  St. Philip's Snake Repellant

November 15:  Nativity Fast Begins

          Activity:  Nativity Fast Advent Calendar

November 21:  Entrance of the Theotokos Play

4th Sunday :  What is the Holodomor?
           Holodomor Memorial Coloring Page

November 30:

Feast of the Apostle Andrew, the First Called

            Recipe:  St. Andrew's Garlic Rolls


***December 2020 Issue***

December 4:

Feast of St. Barbara

            Craft: Tower Vase for forcing branches

            Recipe St. Barbara's Breakfast

December 6:

Feast of St. Nicholas

     RecipeSt. Nicholas' Purses

***ByziKids Magazine: Premier/St. Nick Edition                  features puzzles, stories and more

      about St. Nicholas!  See it HERE!​

     Printables:  St. Nicholas Story

                         St. Nicholas Coloring Page

                         St. Nicholas Word Search                                   O Kto Kto, Sheet Music (MCI)

December 7:

Feast of St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

      Recipe:  Honey Medovnicky

      Activity:  Make Honey Lip Balm

December 20:

Translation of the Relics of St. Ignatius of Antioch

     Activity: Bake a Batch of St. Ignatius' Bones

December 25:  Feast of the Nativity
A Visit from the Kubi:  Ancient Nativity Play

          Script and Puppet Template
Make a gift in honor of the Magi!
          Wise Men's Winter Balm Recipe

Joseph, Son of David; A Nativity Play

 ***ByziKids Magazine:  Nativity Edition

                        Nativity Icon Explained

                        Nativity Icon Coloring Page 

                        Nativity Crossword Printable 1

                        Nativity Crossword Printable 2

                        December Saints Crossword

                        God is With Us; Did You Know?

                        Holy Supper Explained

                        Holy Supper Matching Game

                        Holy Supper Playset Printable

        Isaiah;God Is With Us Ornament Craft

      Christmas Greeting Printable

***ByziKids Magazine:  December 2019


  January 6:  Theophany 

 ***ByziKids Magazine Theophany Edition

         Features:  Great Blessing of the Waters

                           Theophany Icon Explained

                           Theophany Coloring Page

                           Theophany Crossword

                           House Blessing Prayer 

                           House Blessing Discussion

                           Sheet Music from MCI:

                                           To Jordan's Water

                           Baptismal Ornament Craft

                           Greeting for Theophany 

                                                  in 7 languages!

       A Child's Renewal of Baptismal Vows

       Houseblessing Maze
***ByziKids Magazine:  January 2020***

***ByziKids Magazine January 2021***

January 16:  Commemoration of the

                                           Chains of St. Peter

     Chains of St. Peter Soup

January 24:  St. Xenia of Rome

       St. Xenia's Wreath of Star Cookies

January 31:  3 Holy Heirarchs
        Basil, John & Gregory Song 



        3 Holy Heirarchs Coloring Page

*****Moveable Feasts******************************

***ByziKids Magazine Pre-Lenten Edition 


Sunday of Zacchaeus

        Zacchaeus Tree Potted Plant Craft

        Zacchaeus Tree Maze

        Zacchaeus Tree Cinnamon Roll Recipe

        Check out: The Zacchaeus Tree: 

            A Family Guide Through the Season

           of the Great Fast, by Lynne Wardach

         Hymn for Zacchaeus Sunday

from our friends at the Metropolitan Cantor Institute!


Sunday of the Publican & the Pharisee 

        The Jesus Prayer Chotki Craft
        Publican & Pharisee Cookies Recipe


Sunday of the Prodigal Son

        St. Ephrem Prayer and Prostration lesson


Sunday of the Last Judgment (Meatfare)

        Ways to be a Sheep

        Pantocrator Icon Coloring Page

        Christ Pantocrator Icon Explained

       Meatfare Sunday Sheep Cupcakes


Sunday of Forgiveness (Cheesefare) 

The Great Fast Song & Lyrics


***ByziKids Magazine:  Great Fast Edition


Saturday of St. Theodore the Recruit

        Kutija (Kolyva) Recipe

Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy

        Suncatcher Icon Craft

Mary of Egypt

         Fr. Zosimas Lion Cupcakes

         St Mary of Egypt Sand Candles

Lazarus Saturday

        Lazarus Sweet Buns Recipe

Palm Sunday

        Willow Treats Recipe

        Burial of Jesus Coloring Page


***ByziKids Magazine Pascha Edition: Part 1
                                                            Part 2

     Basket Cover Activity

     Pascha Basket Craft

     Resurrection Icon Coloring Page

     Christ is Risen Greeting Game Page 1

                                                         Page 2

      Pascha Procession Maze

       Pascha Basket Blueprint





**ByziKids February 2021 Issue**

**ByziKids February 2020 Issue**

February !:  Make a Birdfeeder for St. Tryphon

                     St. Tryphon's Flying Falcon

February 2:  Encounter with Simeon Coloring Page

February 5: Recipe, St. Agatha's Volcanic, Chocolate Lava Bark

February 9:  St. Apollonia's Tooth Polish

Hosea 10:12 Song:  



***ByziKids March 2020 Issue*****

***ByziKids April 2021 Issue***

March 1:  St. Eudokia Song& Lyrics

March 9:  Skylark Buns for the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste


April 23:  St George: 

        Dragon Marionette Instructions

        Dragon Marionette Template

***ByziKids Magazine: Creation  Edition***

Psalm 103 Kite Activity Instructions 

     Template 1-Left Side

     Template 2-Right Side

Printable Field Journal Pages

Creation Icon I Spy

Creation Icon Coloring Page

St. John's Wort Oil /Nature Hunt Activity

Psalm 103 Word Search

Bird Feeder Craft
Creation Song :


*******ByziKids April 2020 Issue*********
Autism Awareness Article by Guest-Contributor, Catherine Alexander!


***ByziKids Magazine Pentecost Edition***

Pentecost Windsock Instructions & Template

Pentecost Word Search

Pentecost Maze

Pentecost Icon Coloring Page

Pentecost Icon "I Spy"
Pentecost Party Planner

Heavenly King Hymn; sheet music


**ByziKids April 2021/St. George Issue***


How to Receive the Eucharist Coloring Page

                                    (from Mrs. Marie Taylor)
May 11:  Sts. Cyril & Methodius Coloring Page


***ByziKids June 2020/Summer Saintly Celebration Issue***

June 24: 
How to Make St. John's Wort Oil  &
St. John the Baptist Chocolate Locusts

St John the Baptist Coloring Page
S-A-I-N-T Song, Lyrics




June 27:
St. David of Thessalonika Almond Bites 

St. David of Thessalonica Maze

***ByziKids Magazine: SPECIAL EDITION***

Archbishop Metropolitan Borys Gudziak's Enthronement,  June 4,  2019*****************

Archbishop Borys Coloring Page

Archbishop Borys's Coat-of-Arms Coloring Page

Archbishop Bory's Biography

Young Borys Paper Doll Vestments Play Set

     Page 1

     Page 2   

     Page 3

     Page 4

***ByziKIds Magazine: Sts. Peter & Paul Edition
Byzantine Church Shoebox Diorama
     Page 1
     Page 2
     Page 3

Hymn for Sts. Peter  & Paul:  Sheet Music


***ByziKids July 2020/Fantastic Monastics Issue***

Monastic Song


August 1:  Procession of the Holy Cross

 Make a Festal Wreath for your cross for the feast!

Making Medovnicky with blessed honey

First Aid Fun:  Home remedies you can make for the Holy Cross Fast

Preparing for the Feast of the Procession of the Holy Cross

August 4:  First Falling Asleep of the 7 Sleepers of Ephesus

7 Sleepers Pot Pie Recipe printable


August 6:  Transfiguration Coloring Page

August 8:  St. Myron of Crete Grain Bundle Recipe

***ByziKIds Magazine: Kids in Service Edition*     Transfiguration Coloring Page      HospitaliTea Card Template

August 15: 

Dormition Floral Themed Tea Party

***ByziKids Magazine: Aug2020/Dormition Issue**

       Part 1

       Part 2

August 29:  Beheading of St. John the Baptist...Chocolate locusts

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