great fast meals

Since May 2017 a medical condition has forced me and my family

to begin what many call a whole foods, plant based, oil free diet.

            Because of our Byzantine heritage and tradition,

            and because we do it for love of each other,

we call it perpetual fasting and its not as difficult as you might think.

Let me show you!   

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Begins: Monday, February 24th (New/Gregorian)

         Monday, March 2nd (Old/Rev. Julian)

The Basics: 
   Daily:   No meat, fish, eggs, dairy, wine or oil.

   Saturdays and Sundays:  Wine and oil are permitted.

   Annunciation and Palm Sunday:  fish is also permitted.

Let me tell you my story...

   "It isn’t about a diet, or bodily health, or penance, or              community, or any of the other things I had imagined that        fasting was all about."

Learning to observe the fast a lifelong journey,

                                      and I'm not done wandering yet! 

Check on my progress and hear my story, here.

Watch ByziMom

Catherine Alexander from

Your Word From the Wise

as she interviews

Abouna Moses from

Holy Resurrection Monastery on how to observe the Fast

See the Video HERE

ByziMom's Great Fast Recipes:

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