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Faith Formation

God With Us Publications has partnered with the ByziMoms who bring you ByziKids Magazine to provide YOUR ByziFamily with even more resources for studying the faith!

              "My dear ones, I am asking you from the

bottom of my heart to love the church!

May the church be dear to you; and, as much as you can, whenever you can, go to church, because this is the place we learn to pray, to  confess, to humble ourselves,

and to love one another."

- St. Paul the Simple of Egypt


Welcome to The Dwelling Place...
... a feature in a series of monthly newsletters to Eastern Catholic families from God With Us Publications, in collaboration with the team of ByziMoms, who bring you ByziKids Magazine.

Our goal is to educate, equip, and inspire families to participate in their own catechesis and provide the tools to empower them to engage in the evangelization of those they encounter.

Each month, we will provide a set of resources for your parish, family, or homeschool community to use as you come together to explore a new facet of the overall theme for the catechetical year, which is “The Church as our Spiritual Home with God.“

We believe that faith education isn’t just for kids. It’s lifelong! And it’s best experienced in a multi-generational environment. In each of our newsletters, we will simultaneously present the same broad topic to various grade levels. While the younger students focus on the aspects that coincide with their elementary skill level, the middle grades can incorporate more “hands-on” activities that impress ideas upon their developing memories. Meanwhile, older students and adults can explore more profound concepts and practical applications of that same topic. Everyone learns together, fostering opportunities for further discussions long after the lessons.




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The Dwelling Place
(Our feature in the God With Us Monthly Newsletters)

Our Suggested Agenda

Our Suggested Agenda It is our hope that parish families, homeschool communities, or even individual families will gather together monthly to put these lessons to use and grow together in learning about our Eastern Catholic faith. Whether at the parish hall or a family living room, it is an opportunity for all ages to strengthen their faith while they support each other in community! We suggest the following general plan.

1. Prayer together

2. Break into color-coded groups to begin the individual lessons

3. Snack together

4. (Snack Suggestions: Anything that illustrates “parts of a whole”

5. Ex: Pizza; fruit salad; arrangement of veggies on a tray to create a design; A decorated sheet cake for dessert.)

6. Back into color-coded groups for game/activity/craft

7. Gather together to present what you’ve learned to the large group

8. Close together in prayer

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