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The ByziMom’s Guide to

Great Fast Meals

A Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Approach to Eastern Christian Fasting

Eastern Christians have always fasted by abstaining from meat, dairy, eggs, fish, fowl, wine, and oil four times per year. Still, it took on a whole new meaning for Lynne when she adopted this ancient practice full-time due to a family health crisis and began to journal about her family’s transition to a whole-foods, plant-based, oil-free lifestyle as a way of life.  She has compiled her reflections, tips, hacks, and an array of easy to follow recipes into this handy guide, making it possible for anyone to attempt the Eastern Christian Fast with ease!


She offers practical guidance through the four preparatory Sundays before Great Lent:

Zacchaeus Sunday:  Are we ready to climb?  Gathering support is critical.  

The Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee:  Humility goes a long way, and its best to be humble and kind toward ourselves as well.  

The Sunday of the Prodigal Son:  Lynne shares her thoughts about growing up with the concept of the fast and healthy ways for including children in the fast as far as they are able.

Meatfare Sunday:  Find out about the beauty of a good substitution and learn to make cashew cheese and oat sausages that are sure to help get over the meat and cheese cravings!
Cheesefare Sunday:  It’s time to walk that walk!  Gain support from the inspiring quotes from Holy Scripture as well as the Early Church Fathers.  


Included are:

The Pantry Checklist:  to get your pantry ready for the challenge!

Oil Free Salad Dressing Chart:  10 different oil-free dressings

Salad Guide:  33 Salads you can make with those dressings!
Soup Chart:  One basic recipe, over 10 different delicious soups to make with it!


Certified in Whole Food, Plant-based nutrition, Lynne offers healthy and delicious ideas and family-approved recipes for every meal of the day!

Breakfasts:  When bacon and eggs are off the menu, what’s left?  Smoothies, oil-free granola, pancakes, puddings, casseroles fit for potlucks, and coffee hours too!

Soups & Salads:  The oil-free salad dressing chart is indispensable!

Kid-friendly Lunches:  Lynne’s family has listed their favorites, including Macaroni and Cheese, lenten style, without dairy, but not without taste!  Even the homeschool co-op kids couldn’t tell the difference!  

Dinner Entrees: Over 50 different delicious recipes and adaptations for your some of your favorite dishes like Lentil Loaf, Enchiladas, Curries, Holupki, Sauerbraten, Stuffed Shells, and more!

Snacking Ideas:  See these in the six weekly meal plans provided in the back of the book.

Even Baked Goods, for that special occasion!:  A few simple substitutions will allow you to transform your favorite recipes into ones for the fast!

The ByziMom's Guide to Great Fast Meals: digital download

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