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A Dragon Cake for the Feast of St. George

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

I have another dragon for you to see! He's made of cake! Now we can use the Sword of the Spirit and devour HIM before he can devour US! I made a bundt cake (your favorite recipe is best!) and cut it in half, but on a diagonal.

I cut off one sloping-side and stood it on it's end to form the head, while I turned the other half of the cake around so that it formed an "S" shape, like a writhing dragon.

The other sloping side made a nice tail! I frosted it (also, with your favorite frosting) and decorated it to look like a dragon! Sometimes we use candies as scales, sometimes sliced strawberries. Sometimes we like a chocolate dragon, and sometimes peanut butter icing and colored melting chocolate discs for scales.

The most fun can be had when the children use their imagination. When mine were little, we made this every year for my daughter's feast day celebration (she is named for the Empress Alexandra who was converted by and martyred with St. George....a story for another day!). The children loved to vanquish the dragon after dinner with the Sword of Truth (our cake knife...haha!) and eat him right up!

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