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ByziMoms need Coffee Hour!

What's Coffee Hour? It's one of the fantastic pages on my new blog!

So, pour yourself a cup of something delicious, settle into your favorite chair, and let's chat with other ByziMoms like us!

What about? Well... *How do you handle rambunctious kids at Liturgy? *What are you reading that impacts your faith? *How do you get your kids to participate in family prayer? *Anybody got any ideas for celebrating the upcoming feast? *Do you homeschool religion? What does that look like? *Do you ever just need to pray...alone? *How can we pray together as a family more effectively? *There's a fast coming and I need recipes!! *How do you share your faith with family who are non-believers?

There are so many things we can brainstorm together! There's always something to talk about, and ByziLife is easier when we share the love!

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