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God is With Us!: Our Battle Cry

God is with us!   God is with us!

Understand, all you nations,and submit yourselves for God is with us!

Hear all you distant lands, You mighty ones, submit yourselves, for God is with us!

If you strengthen yourselves again, again you will be defeated, Form a plan, but the Lord will thwart it, for God is with us!

Whatever word you speak will not stand even among yourselves, We will not fear what you fear nor shall we be dismayed, for God is with us!

Hallow the Lord our God and He will be your fear,  If you trust in Him, He will be your refuge, for God is with us!

We will hope in Him and by Him will we be saved, Here am I with the children God has given me for God is with us!

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, Upon you who dwelt in the shadow of death a light has shone, for God is with us!

For a child is born to us; a son is given to us, Upon His shoulder dominion rests,  Of His peace there is no end, for God is with us!

They call Him Angel of Great Counsel, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Master, Prince of Peace,  Father of the age to come, for God is with us!

Glory to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen...for God is with us!

God is with us!   God is with us! Understand, all you nations, and submit yourselves for God is with us!

When you attend Compline this Christmas Eve, listen for this hymn.  It is known as the Song of the Prophet Isaiah because it's verses are taken from the book of Isaiah, chapters 8 and 9 in which God spoke to the prophet shortly before the birth of his own son, centuries before the coming of God's son, the Baby Jesus.  He foretold to him that, because the Israelites had not lived up to their covenant with Him, God would no longer hold back the might of their dreaded enemy, the Assyrians, who would soon be allowed to overtake them in battle.  The good news was that those Israelites who had remained faithful and had not forsaken their own personal relationship with God, had nothing to fear.  Because they remained with God, God would remain with them and protect them from the attacks of their enemy! 

We know that every event in the Old Testament was recorded there as a foreshadowing of the events that would happen in the New Testament, which in turn, would foreshadow the events of our own day!  Many in our world today do not choose to honor God and for this reason, treating us in the very same manner as He had treated the Israelites, God must allow our present society to be overtaken by its enemies. 

This should not frighten us as believers!   What did God tell the prophet, Isaiah?  Those of us who have remained faithful to Him today will fare just like the faithful Israelites of the Old Testament and can be assured of His protection and love!  God is with us!    We can read this hymn as a battle cry of defiance toward the Assyrians of our present day!  We will not fear!  If we trust in Him, He will be our refuge, for God is with us!  He was with His people when He came to us in a stable in Bethlehem.  Unto us, a Child is born.  He is with us today when He comes to us in the Holy Eucharist.  God really is with us!

Children, learn the refrain before Christmas Eve so that you can sing along and praise God for His faithfulness to us! 

"God is with us!  God is with us!  Understand all you nations and submit yourselves for God is with us!"

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