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It's a persistent question at our house. Somebody's always hungry and we're definitely a "foodie-family" with a huge collection of recipes to share! Here's where I"ll post some some of the recipes and menu ideas we've come to love.

What can you expect to find on this page, you ask?  Here's my wishlist:

Great Fast Meals:  

I'll post information about the four fasting periods observed by the Eastern Church, such as the dates and regulations of each fast, along with tips and recipes that will make it  much easier to keep them well, even as a family!    Its much easier when you stick together.  I'm a cradle Ruthenian, so I've been keeping the fast as an individual for over 30 years and keeping it perpetually since May of 2017 (for medical reasons...long story) so I've collected quite a few tips on oil-free, vegan cooking.  I've got even more delicious recipes, ones that your family will happily eat during the fasts.  I've learned a lot over the years and I'm happy to share it all with you!

Saintly Suppers:

The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, as they say, but it is most certainly the way to a child's memory too!  Every day on our liturgical calendar is dedicated to a martyr or saint, and we'll share ways that you can solidify the story of the saint-of-the-day in the minds of your children with food that your kids will love and remember.  To this day my children equate some of their favorite dishes and treats with the saints and feasts that they were prepared to commemorate!

Feast Day Fare:

Feasts have their very own menus when you're Carpatho-Rusyn!  We'll talk about some of our favorite ethnic dishes, such as those you'll find at the Christmas Eve Holy Supper, in the Pascha Basket, and at other special meals.  I'm hoping some of our members can chime in with dishes and customs from their cultures too, so we can all share and learn something new about each other.

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