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Making Nativity Potpourri

With Khouria Sylvia Dorham

We truly do have an incredible team of ByziMoms who collaborate to bring you ByziKids Magazine each month. The Holy Spirit seems to send them all such great inspiring ideas and they're so happy to share them with me so I can share them with YOU! Here's the latest message from my friend and colleague, Kh. Sylvia Dorham. I just know your ByziKids will enjoy making it. Thank you, Sylvia!!

Hi, Lynne!

Christ is among us! (Thank goodness!!)

I have a cool idea I'm going to use for our homeschool co-op for Nativity and I thought you might like it for the ByziKids website. It's called Nativity Potpourri

Nativity Potpourri

Preparation: Find these items around your house or at the dollar store.

Cinnamon Stick - roll, for Caesar's enrollment

Small Rock - city of Bethlehem

Feather - Angels

Straw - Stable

Bowl - Manger

Cloth - swaddling clothes

Cranberry - Mary's pondering heart

Orange peel, cut like a crown - Herod

Stick - Joseph's support

Bubbles - Joseph's dream

Star Anise - for the Star

Piece of incense - GIft of the Magi

Piece of Myrrh - Gift of the Magi

Gold coin from St. Nicholas Day - Gift of the Magi

Wool - Shepherds and Sheep

A thorn/toothpick (or one of those plastic swords they use as toothpicks for appetizers) - source of Rachel's suffering

Drop of water - bath water on the road to Egypt

Tea Candle (battery-powered) - Jesus, light of the world

Line the manger (bowl) with the swaddling clothes (cloth) and arrange the other items artfully on top. Tell the story each night, holding up each item as you come to what it represents. Every day, add another item, reviewing previous items. On Christmas Day, have them tell the whole story, piece by piece, and put the Potpourri on the table with the tea light on. Blow the bubbles at the appropriate points in the story.

When it is fully assembled, hang the ornament from your tree or place the bowl under it.

Children love repetition and ritual, and the tactile nature of these items, so stretch this activity out! Have them review the items each day until they know them all by feel and by heart.

You can also blindfold them and have them pick out an item and tell its part in the story.

Good, educational Nativity fun for everyone!

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