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Preparing for the Dormition Fast

It's only two weeks away, but remember, the Dormition Fast is only two weeks long.  Not at all as tough as the Great Fast, or the Nativity Fast, it's just long enough to reap some spiritual and physical benefits…kind of like a tune-up for the body and the soul!  The Church Fathers knew what they were doing to give us four fasting periods throughout the year:

Winter:  The Nativity Fast  (40 days)

Spring:  The Great Fast  (40 days)

Summer:  The Apostles Fast  (varies, but not too long)

Autumn:  The Dormition Fast…ok early autumn, very early autumn, but you get the drift.  

A few years ago, I started a facebook page for people who were attempting an Eastern Christian Fast.  Some who joined the page were experienced fasters, some were authorities on the subject (yikes!), some were Eastern Christians who had been brought up fasting in this way, and some had never fasted at all but wanted to try.  We struggled along together, sharing tips and recipes, but the most important thing we shared was encouragement and everyone came away having learned something and feeling much better about fasting in general.  Having seen how well the group had done, I decided to add a page to ByziMom specifically for us to share our fasting experiences!  I didn’t think I’d be starting to post this early, though!  It’s so very different fasting in the summer than it is during the colder weather during the Great and Nativity Fasts.  We have a distinct advantage in August when the produce is at its peak.   Lots more salads, lots of outdoor grilling,  lots to talk about!  Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • I'll post an intro soon where I'll let you in on how I started, how I grew, how I fell, and how a medical condition caused me and my husband to fast full-time.

  • I'll share tips on how to keep your family on track, plan meals, and make delicious, yet fast-friendly, food that little ones, and big ones alike, will actually want to eat.

  • We'll talk about special dietary needs, like lower carb options, no oil, no nuts, etc.

  • I'll show you some kitchen gadgets that make the fast so much easier!

  • I'll show you how to turn one good recipe into many good recipes by simply varying the ingredient list and share some easy and healthy substitutions you can make to stay on track.  

  • I can show you my tricks for the best oil free salad dressings, how to make the best carmelized onions, and the best unfried fries!  No oil used to be hard, but for me it’s a way of life now and I have lots of tips to share.

  • Most importantly, I’ve come a long way in understanding that this is not at all about a diet, image, compliance with rules, or suffering.  Its about changing, growing more like Christ, decreasing in intake so you can increase in output.  It’s about love.  I’ll share some of my observations along these lines with you as well.  

There will be lots and lots of recipes, lists and helpful charts to print out and keep at the ready, so don’t bet afraid to log in to the site and register your email so I can send them to you!  Now’s the time to clear your pantry of all those things that will challenge your resolve to keep the fast well.  You should also be ready to stock it with lots of fast-friendly favorites so you’ll be ready to begin on August 1st!

Lots to come!  Log in! Create a Profile! Stay in touch!

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