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September 7: St Sozon

Sozon, a shepherd, was a devout Christian of the third century. While sleeping under a tree one day, he had a vision of his impending martyrdom. Coming into the city, he saw that a festival to a pagan god was taking place, and its golden image placed in the town square. While no one was noticing, Sozon broke off the hand of the idol, smashed it and gave the treasures inside it to the poor. The missing hand caused an uproar in the city, causing many of its Christian inhabitants to be suspected, persecuted and even tortured. Not wanting to be the cause of any more suffering among his friends, Sozon went to the emperor and confessed to breaking the idol. He was mercilessly tormented until he gave his soul to God. When he was dead, the emperor ordered that a fire be built to burn the body. A great thunderstorm suddenly erupted which extinguished the fire and enabled Christians to secure the body and give Sozon a proper burial. By his grave and also near the place that he had his vision, many are healed to this day.

St. Sozon Silver Treasure Packets

This "End of the Summer Mini-Clambake" is an absolute favorite among my band of future saints! They used to love to help make them, assembly line style, while we recounted the story of my younger son's favorite saint. He even dressed as St. Sozon for an All Saints Day party once! Remember to pray that a late-summer thunderstorm doesn't erupt and ruin our grill plans.

On a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil, spread out about 1 c or so of raw kale, chard, or other greens. Add 6 clams, a few shrimp if you like, 1 potato (cubed), 3-4 one inch wheels of corn, sliced onion, carrots, chunks of fish, bacon, or anything else you desire. These packets are quite versatile and can be made with nearly any variation of ingredients (treasures!) to suit your family's tastes. Make a mixture of melted butter, white wine, salt and pepper and, if desired, some oregano, old bay seasoning or fresh herbs like thyme, and pour about ¼ cup over each packet before sealing up well. Grill (or bake in the oven) for about 20-30 minutes, watching carefully until the clams open. (You can "feel" the packets to see if the clams have done their thing). Open the silver packages to reveal the treasures inside and enjoy!

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